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12 Ways to Use RDX

RDX is dedicated to your success. That’s why we build our solutions around your desired outcomes, not our own. Whether you need a full-time DBA, off-hours support or expertise not available in-house, RDX can help. Explore the top 12 ways our customers use RDX to drive their business forward.

Remote Database Support

1) 24x7 Coverage

Receive around-the-clock coverage and support needed to ensure critical issues are addressed efficiently and appropriately. Whether you need off-hours support or coverage during vacation days, sick days, and holidays, RDX is there. You will never have to worry about DBA absences, nights or weekends affecting your performance.


2) Full DBA Support

Meet 100% of your database administration needs. We become your DBA team and assume complete responsibility for the functionality, security, performance, availability and improvement of your database environment. You get the expertise, availability and best practices of over 100 DBA experts for less than a single, in-house resource. Learn More >

Supplemental DBa

3) Supplemental DBA Support

Strengthen your existing team and obtain high-level support when and how you need it. We help you fill gaps in skill sets, improve team productivity, and manage increasing workloads without the headache or expense of hiring additional in-house resources. Expand the capacity and capabilities of your team with the help of RDX.  Learn more >


4) Proactive Monitoring

Obtain real-time monitoring and alert notifications for your mission critical environments. Our Database Operations Center (DOC) is staffed with expert technicians dedicated to ensuring the availability and performance of your environment. We will notify you immediately when critical events or issues occur. Proactive monitoring is standard with DBA support or available on its own. Learn more >.

Off Hours

5) Off-Hours Support

Leverage high level, off-hours support for your database environment. We help you meet 24x7 business demands, improve team productivity and obtain complete coverage for your environment without off shoring support or burning out your DBAs. Give your team back their life and their sanity by letting RDX work the late shifts.

Auditing and Protection

6) Auditing and Protection

Protect your most valuable and sensitive data from external threats and malicious insiders by being alerted to attacks in real time and terminating sessions that violate predefined security policies. Our McAfee-powered security solution helps you gain full visibility into your database activity, comply with audits, and remediate security gaps to minimize the likelihood of a breach. Learn More >

Full DBa

7) Maintenance Support

Receive high-level, ongoing maintenance support for your environment. We help you improve business results, become more strategic, and free internal resources for more transformative initiatives by assuming responsibility for routine database maintenance activities. Get the ongoing support you need at a price you can afford with RDX.

Remote DBA Support Subject Matter Experts

8) Subject Matter Expertise

Gain access to technical expertise typically not available in-house. Our DBA experts specialize in all database disciplines. We help you handle the growth and complexity of your environment without having to hire costly, full-time resources. Learn More >.


9) Insurance Policy

Use RDX as your database support insurance policy and get the 24x7 coverage and protection you need without the costs and headaches of hiring in-house. We monitor the performance and availability of your environment to ensure that all database issues are addressed quickly and appropriately, and we provide high-level support when you need it most.

Remote DBA Services Benefits

10) Multi-Platform Support

Obtain high-level support and expertise for multiple platforms. Since most DBAs are only well-versed in one database technology, those working with many platforms are particularly vulnerable to mistakes. RDX helps you ensure that all platforms are managed expertly. Supported Platforms >.

Database Services

11) Platform-Specific Support

Achieve greater peace of mind with platform-specific DBA services. We offer support for all leading database platforms including SQL Server, Oracle, Oracle Apps, MySQL, DB2, and RDB. All of our product teams employ experts equipped with the skills necessary to solve your toughest challenges. Custom tailor a support package to meet your unique business needs.

Database Optimization

12) Database Optimization

Optimize the performance, availability and security of your database environment. Poorly performing, unorganized environments affect your ability to meet business demands and maintain availability. We help you clean up and optimize your environment so you can meet growing business needs and leverage all database features and functionality quickly and efficiently.

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