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RDX's Competitive Advantages

RDX has 20 years of experience providing 24x7 support for thousands of database environments and hundreds of satisfied customers. RDX solves the problem of attracting and retaining skilled DBAs by providing immediate access to dozens of experienced administrators and advanced feature subject matter experts. RDX professionals support all major databases utilizing industry-leading SSAE 16 best practices and are backed by a PCI-DSS compliant monitoring and support architecture that has been continuously refined over our 20 year history. 

Doing business with a service provider shouldn’t be complex or challenging.  RDX's service offering is designed to provide a positive customer experience throughout the entire relationship life-cycle.  From fully customizable service packages with no extra fees and complex tiers to simple work request and reporting mechanisms, RDX has one overriding goal - make it easy for our customers to do business with us.


RDX’s Service Delivery Strategy

RDX’s service delivery strategy differs from most remote DBA providers. We understand the critical nature of the DBA role and our goal of providing customers with “peace of mind” requires a high level of trust  in our support personnel and delivery architecture.  Our DBAs become your DBAs and assume 100% ownership of the systems they support. They have a strong understanding of your database environment and perform the bulk of administrative activities.  Their goal is to provide their customers with the highest quality support possible.

Database Optimization

100% Onshore Support

RDX provides 100% US-based database support. We do not offshore or outsource any of our support services to third party vendors. All of our database professionals work directly out of our Warrendale, PA and Charlotte, NC service delivery centers.  RDX’s service delivery strategy has always been 100% onshore support we do not offer onshore/offshore hybrids or offshore only services.


Ease of Doing Business - “One Rate for Everything We Do”

RDX’s service delivery offering is designed to provide a positive customer experience throughout the relationship lifecycle.  RDX works with each customer to tailor a support relationship that meets their unique requirements.  Customers choose the services they need, when they need them. RDX does not offer tiers of services which force clients into a higher level tier for complex feature administration, onshore or off-hour support services.  RDX offers one rate for all support activities. Customers have access to a ServiceNow portal that allows them to enter new change requests as well as check on the status of existing work items. Weekly reports are sent to customers to provide a detailed breakdown of all activities RDX support professionals have performed during the current reporting period.  The customer’s primary and secondary DBAs can be contacted by phone, email support group, individual emails or the customer’s preferred chat software.

Supplemental DBa

Personalized Service - “Our DBAs Are Your DBAs”

All customers are assigned Primary and Secondary DBAs who are responsible for learning your environment to ensure RDX delivers consistent, high-quality, support.  DBAs are assigned to the customer based on the database products deployed, features utilized and corporate personality profile.

Primary DBAs are the owners of that account and become responsible for the customer’s satisfaction with RDX services. They are also responsible for learning the customer’s toolsets, overall support and change management strategies, what makes them “lay awake nights” and day-to-day support requirements. Their goal is build a strong rapport and level of trust with your organization.

Primary DBAs perform the bulk of the administrative activities.  They do not act as “pass throughs” to assign work requests to the cheapest resource possible.  RDX DBAs will assign activities to secondaries and Subject Matter Experts, but they know the skill sets and experience of the team member being assigned the requests. Primaries assume 100% ownership of your systems.

Off Hours

Dedicated, Advanced-Feature Subject Matter Experts (SME)

The database environment has become so complex that it prevents database administrators from becoming experts in all facets of the database’s technology.  RDX’s large technical staff allows us to increase operational efficiency by creating specialists in advanced database features. Support staff members showing strong skills in key database disciplines which include backup/recovery, HA architectures, SQL and database tuning, UNIX/ Windows scripting, and database security are asked to join SME teams to further improve their skill sets. RDX allocates SMEs to provide additional deep-dive expertise to your Primary DBA.

Full DBa

Fully-Staffed, Centralized Service Delivery Centers

By centralizing our operations, our customers gain peace of mind knowing that their critical data systems are continuously supported by an entire team of DBA experts.  Our support professionals do not work remotely, nor are they located in many different geographic locations. A central location allows RDX to leverage the collective knowledge of dozens of onsite DBAs and Subject Matter Experts. Centralized locations also allow us to create a “war room” strategy for brainstorming activities and problem solving. All technicians needed to create a solution or solve a problem are quickly brought to bear when the need arises.

Full DBa

Database Operations Center Specialists

A dedicated team is responsible for creating, implementing and enhancing a strategic blueprint for the proactive monitoring and trouble- shooting required to reduce and prevent database problems.  The DOC team is much more than a group of help desk technicians with a limited knowledge of database and OS administration. The DOC team consists of dedicated professionals who are trained in database administration, monitoring, problem prevention and quick problem resolution. DOC specialists meet internally, and with clients, in a constant effort to improve system performance and availability.


Dedicated Onboarding Experts

RDX provides a team of personnel that specialize in client onboarding. Adhering to a well-defined integration project plan created by a dedicated Customer Onboarding Concierge ensures a high-quality transition. The Onboarding Project Coordinator assumes total responsibility for the success of each integration. Led by the Onboarding Project Coordinator, the RDX Onboarding Team establishes communications and regularly scheduled meetings with customers to quickly integrate their systems into RDX’s support architecture and identify and resolve all potential issues.


Two Decades of Service Delivery Experience

RDX is the recognized pioneer of remote database management services.   Since our inception in 1994, our services have helped numerous companies improve the quality of their database environments while reducing the costs associated with onsite database management. Our expertise, experience, and dedication continue to influence and define the remote DBA services industry. Our corporate strategy is to be recognized nationally as the premier provider of remote data infrastructure support services.

Full DBa

Robust Service Delivery Engine

RDX’s staff is backed by a monitoring and support infrastructure that has been continuously improved and enhanced over our 20-year history. Immediate contact with support personnel and 15-minute response times to begin active problem resolution are standard inclusions in all customers’ contracts. Advanced telephony and VDI desktops tailored to each customer ensure that our support experts are there when needed. RDX specialists utilize industry-leading administrative tools, documentation portals, and time entry and ticketing systems.  Quality control specialists ensure that our customers are benefiting from the ‘best- in-class’ support practices and products available.


Improving Visibility Into Your Environments

RDX’s goal is to improve each client's understanding of their database environments by providing better visibility into their systems. All customers are provided with a monitoring portal that allows them to “see what we see.” Customers are able to access their portal at any time to review key OS and DB availability and performance indicators. RDX utilizes SolarWinds, an industry-leading monitoring package, to power its monitoring architecture.

Auditing and Protection

PCI-DSS Compliant Secure Delivery Architecture

Although RDX does not store or process data for our customers, we understood that adhering to one of the most comprehensive security and privacy frameworks in the IT industry would allow us to create a strong foundation to build our security architecture upon. The organization’s goal is to continuously evolve its protection strategies to ensure that sensitive data continues to be protected. RDX received its fifth PCI-DSS Attestation in the second quarter of 2017.

Off Hours

SSAE16 SOC1 Type II Certified Service Quality

RDX worked with an accredited, third-party auditing firm to create a set of control objectives that best reflect the key service quality indicators that measure our operating effectiveness. The control objectives included all activities related to security controls, data privacy, organization and administration, vendor management, work request and ticket management, incident management and monitoring installation and configuration.  RDX achieved its seventh SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II Service Quality Report in 2017.

Database Optimization

Continuity of Support Operations

Maintaining 24x7x365 operations is a critical part of RDX’s service delivery architecture strategy. The following plans are maintained as part of our BCP strategy: DR Administrative Plan, Crisis Management Plan, Pandemic Plan, and Cyber Security Incident Response Plan. RDX’s service delivery operations centers have auxiliary power provided by both UPS and diesel generators. All of RDX's critical support servers are collocated in geographically disparate data centers provided by Expedient, a nationally known data center provider. In addition, RDX maintains an alternate work area hot site at Ideal Integrations which specializes in BCP/DR.


RDX Technology Advisory Services

RDX understands the importance of the services we provide to our customers and the trust our customers place in us. We are more than just a services provider; we are their technology partners. One of the key responsibilities we have as a technology partner is to maintain continuous research and evaluation efforts involving all leading edge technologies to ensure our customers are employing and benefiting from the best-in-class practices and products available. RDX provides quarterly technology presentations and white papers to customers on various technologies and database features to keep them abreast of current and future offerings.

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