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The RDX Report Data Infrastructure Newsletter

RDX distributes a monthly newsletter that focuses on data infrastructure news and information. The newsletter covers a wide range of topics that include industry news and events, vendor comparisons, cloud systems and database architectures, business intelligence, professional/personal data security hints and tips, as well as open source and NoSQL databases.  


The newsletter was originally intended for RDX customers but has expanded to close to 2,000 recipients.   Because of the increasing interest, we have decided to expand its distribution to the public.  Please note that we do not use the newsletter distribution list for marketing.

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The goal of The RDX Report is to deliver insightful, technology-related articles that fuel our customers' curiosity, foster their professional and personal growth, and help them make faster, more informed business decisions.
Each month's issue will include news on the latest developments in the tech industry, business related IT information, technical how-to articles and hints and tips to fully leverage your relationship with RDX.
If you would like to make content recommendations, please contact the RDX Report Editors.
Volume 3, Issue 8

RDX Insights Series Presentation - Cloud Impact
Cloud systems are architectures, not products.  They will change the way you provide support.
This rapid growth of cloud offerings is providing organizations with cost effective alternatives to on-premises systems. When calculating TCO and return on their cloud investment, savvy decision makers must also factor in costs that include staff training, new organizational roles and responsibilities, policy and procedure changes, modifications to application design, build and change management processes as well as the impact cloud applications will have on existing support toolsets. 
  Video Webinar - Cloud System's Hidden Impact
Is Microsoft's COSMOS DB the NoSQL Competition Killer?
Globally distributed, multi-model NoSQL database challenges smaller vendors
Microsoft is aggressively adding features to COSMOS DB, which it describes as the industry's first globally distributed, horizontally scalable, multi-model database. COSMOS DB supports several NoSQL storage models including key-value, column-family, document and graph.
Microsoft BI Offerings and Power BI Demo
RDX Insights Series Webinar
A recent RDX Insights presentation focused on Microsoft's BI products. We began with an overview of Power BI, SSIS, SSAS and SSRS and how the products integrate with each other. The webinar continued with a detailed discussion on how to use Power BI to capture, model, transform, analyze and visualize key business metrics. We finished with a Power BI demo highlighting some of its most beneficial and interesting features.

  Webinar Video - Microsoft Business Intelligence Presentation and Demo
Self Service Business Intelligence
Case studies and product evaluations
Although the self-service vs enterprise BI debate continues, there is no doubt that the interest in self-service business intelligence products continues to grow. The video provides an overview of self-service BI and several case studies, followed by 2 very detailed product comparisons.

  Microsoft Video - Self Service Overview and Case Studies
Cybercriminals Embrace Cloud Architectures
Hackers adopt cloud service model to offer Cybercrime as a Service (CaaS)

Three interesting articles on how cybercriminals are embracing cloud systems to offer hacking tools and services to customers. CaaS is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to criminals with limited tech skills and a growing concern for the rest of us.   
Comparing Cloud Providers - Features and Pricing
Amazon vs Google vs Microsoft

Not sure which cloud architecture is a best fit for your organization? Below is a series of articles and online tools that allow you to compare the features and pricing for the leading cloud providers. The RightScale webinar is well worth the effort of entering your contact information.   
Google Announces Cloud SQL Support For PostgreSQL
New release supports both MySQL and PostgreSQL
Not to be outdone by Amazon, who recently announced Aurora's new "drop-in" support compatibility with PostgreSQL, Google's Cloud SQL platform will also support PostgreSQL as well as MySQL.
2017's Top Database Trends
SQL Server on Linux

Article that provides a quick overview of SQL Server on Linux, evaluates the impact the new offering will have on the database market arena and, more specifically, what the consequences will be for the Microsoft vs Oracle war for DBMS market dominance.
Amazon AWS Migration Services
Using Amazon's DBMS replication tool to ease your cloud conversions

Now that you have decided to use Amazon as your cloud DBMS provider, how do you get your data up there? The first video provides a high level overview on Amazon DMS. The SlideShare presentation provides more details. The last link is to Amazon's DMS home page.
Tech Article of the Month
SQL Azure automation - Scheduling stored procedures
Corey Beck, a senior SQL Server DBA at RDX, shows readers how to set up, configure and schedule recurring maintenance activities and administrative jobs in Microsoft Azure.
Bill Wolf Video
RDX In the Spotlight
SQL Server DBA Manager - Bill Wolf

Video discussion with Bill Wolf, one of RDX's SQL Server Team Team Leads. Bill describes his experience working for RDX and the bond he has with his customers.

Fully Leveraging Your RDX Relationship
Best practices for quick integration into RDX's support architecture 
New customers often have many questions about integration. A short video that provides a high-level overview of the activities performed during the customer integration process.
RDX/Megaplan IT Presentation - Regulatory Compliance Framework Overview and Compliance Best Practices Case Study
Will COSMOS DB Devour Its NoSQL Competition?

IaaS Vendor Comparison - Microsoft vs Amazon vs Oracle

Microsoft Power BI Overview
2017 Cloud Technology Trends
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