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DB2 LUW and z/OS Team Resume

RDX’s DB2 team has been supporting dozens of DB2 systems for over 20 years. This extensive experience allows you to fully leverage all of DB2’s advanced features and reduce administration support costs. RDX’s DB2 team is broken down into mainframe and LUW support units allowing us to dedicate experts to each product. This specialization allows you to benefit from best-of-breed services for both the z/OS and LUW DB2 product sets.

Experience in supporting over 100 different DB2 and third-party applications. Specializes in DB2 database administration on all DB2 releases from Version 7 to Version 9 running on Mainframe, Linux, AIX, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. In-depth expertise in advanced DB2 features, including all high availability options, data warehousing, partitioning, parallelism and advanced security. Dozens of years of experience in all key database disciplines including database administration, database and SQL tuning, monitoring, database availability, disaster recovery, database security and auditing. Extensive experience in new product evaluation and implementation.

Basic Administration Skills:

  • Online, Offline REORG and Usage of Utilities – Statistic, REORG Checks, Integrity Checks
  • Snapshot Analysis – Performance, Locks, Applications, Space, SQL, Temp Space and Connectivity
  • Configuration and DB2 Connect Support – Nodes and DB Configuration
  • Import, Export, Load Data and Usage of DB2PD, DB2LOOK and DB2MOVE Migration
  • Logs and Archive Logs Management
  • AIX Monitoring Tools – Usage of DB2TOP, Topas, VMSTAT, SAR, PS Commands
  • Resolve Errors and Problems
  • Managing Objects, Security, Privileges and Profiles
  • User Administration and Audit Support
  • Incident / Problem & Change Management
  • Install and apply upgrades/fixpacks to keep current
  • Plans, Package and Security Administration
  • Monitoring Daily Jobs & Taking Corrective Action
  • Monitor storage and CPU usage

High Availability Skills:

  • Experience in HADR
  • Backup and Recovery - DR Testing

Development Support Skills:

  • Writing & Running Basic Scripts

Strategic Skills:

  • SQL, Q Replication and Info Sphere CDC Replication
  • Data Load, Data Refresh and Roll Forward Data on Large Scale
  • Performance, Tuning, Configuration and Snapshot Analysis

Basic Administration Skills:

  • Database Application Objects Management
  • DB2 Plans and Packages – Access Path Analysis
  • Coordinate and Resolve IBM PMRs
  • Online and Batch REORG
  • Specialist – Design Backup, Recovery, Rebuild Index and Statistics Updates
  • DB2 Utilities – Check Data, Report recovery, Repair, Mod Recovery
  • Coordinate and Resolve IBM PMRs
  • Monitoring Space, Logs, CPU, SQL, Buffer Hits, DB2 Connect, OMEGAMON
  • Management Reporting – Buffer Hit ratio, Replicator Delay
  • BMC Tools – Change Manager z/OS
  • Extensive background in BMC Tool Suite, CA Tool Suite, and IBM Tool Suite
  • Monitor storage and bufferpool usage
  • Administer DB2 Connect

High Availability Skills:

  • Disaster Recovery Testing - Planning, Preparation and Execution
  • Data Refresh at the Application Database Level using Tools Suites and Replication
  • Support for DB2 and DB2 Tools Upgrade

Strategic Skills:

  • Database Performance Tuning - Explain Analysis, DB2 Data Studio, Omegamon DB2
  • Data Warehousing Replication From z/OS to other platforms
  • Install, Maintain, and Administer InfoSphere CDC Replication Software

Technical Skills

DB2 Versions LUW Versions 11.1 and earlier; z/OS Versions 12 and earlier
Operating Systems z/OS: MVS; LUW: Sun, Sun Solaris x86 32 Bit and 64 Bit, IBM AIX, IBM Linux, Linux x86, Linux x86 64 bit, Linux Itanium, Windows, Windows 32 Bit and 64 Bit
Certifications Certified DB2 DBAs on Staff
Tools DB2 Administration Tool, DB2 Bind Manager, DB2 High Performance Unload, DB2 Path Checker, DB2 Query Monitor, DB2 SQL Performance Analyzer, DB2 Table Editor, DB2 Object Comparison Tool, DB2 Storage Management Utility, DB2 Buffer Pool Analyzer, Optim pureQuery Runtime for z/OS, Optim Query Tuner for DB2 z/OS, DB2 Change Accumulation Tool, DB2 Log Analysis Tool, DB2 Cloning Tool, InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management Solution, InfoSphere Replication Server, DB2 Recovery Expert, DB2 Utilities Suite, Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Expert on z/OS, DB2 Utilities Suite, Data Encryption Toolkit, DB2 Data Studio
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