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PostgreSQL DBA Team Resume

PostgreSQL is a feature-rich, object-relational database that is in growing in popularity as an alternative to proprietary, license-based database software products.  RDX’s migration specialists are able to convert data from Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and DB2 databases to the PostgreSQL platform. After migration, our support professionals provide you with the experience, skill-sets and best practices required to ensure you leverage all of PostgreSQL’s features and functionality.


Summary of Qualifications:

  • 24x7 Database Support Experience
  • Manage Dozens of PostgreSQL Databases Daily
  • Support for All Major Configurations of Highly Available Environments
  • 24x7 Database Operations Center
  • Experts in PostgreSQL Database Performance and Statement Tuning
  • Knowledgeable in All Major Releases of PostgreSQL Running on All Supported Operating System Versions


Tactical and Strategic expertise that covers all levels of architectural planning/execution, development and administration. Support on-premises installations of PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB, Google Cloud SQL and Amazon Aurora implementations. Expertise in all major releases from 9.4 through 10. Extensive exposure to contrib modules, language support and third party extensions. We provide the tools necessary to create,manage,extend and support the PostgreSQL ecosystem - regardless of scale and complexity. Knowledge sharing and mentoring are inherent capabilities of the team.

Administration Skills:

  • Access Control/Security
  • Disaster Recovery/Readiness- Full/PITR (Hot/Cold/Snapshot)
  • Performance Benchmarking/Management
  • Pooling/Load Balancing
  • Health Maintenance
  • Diagnostics
  • Triage/Remediation-  MIssing Transaction Log Manufacture, etc.
  • Tuning (Bare Metal, O/S, and Cluster)
  • Source Modification, if Necessary
  • Build Configuration/Deployment from Source
  • Capacity Planning/Management
  • Change Management
  • Contrib/Extension Support, Creation, Modification
  • Migration To/From

High Availability Skills:

Replication Grain

  • Cluster
    • Log Based
    • Streaming Replication
    • Resync
  • Subject/ETL (Staged)
    • PgLogical
    • Custom/Audit Table


  • Automated or Managed Using Repmgr
  • Manual

Development Support Skills:

  • Formal or Informal Code Reviews
  • Data Modeling

Language/Mechanics/Extension Expertise

  • pl/pgsql
  • pl/perl
  • pl/python
  • pl/r
  • PostGIS
  • Perl
  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • C
  • Bash


  • XML
  • YAML
  • JSON


  • Agile
  • Waterfall


  • OLTP


  • Autonomous Transaction Support
  • Data Sharding for Scale/Regional Distribution
  • Partitioning- Auto Management for Data Aging
  • Multithreading/Queue Engines
  • Load Balancing (Pgpool/Pgbouncer Hybrid Configuration)
  • Horizontal Scaling with Postgres-XL or Global/Composite Keys
  • Event Management
  • Diagnostic/Run Level/Audit Integration

Computing Environments:

  • Windows Server/Enterprise- All Editions/Releases
  • Linux- All Distributions, Commercial or Community Based
  • Cloud


  • PgBadger
  • PgAdmin
  • Munin
  • pgAudit
    • Can be used to achieve compliance with EU GDPR
  • Nagios
  • Big Brother
  • SolarWinds
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