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The Next Generation of Fully Managed DBaaS

Easily deploy, monitor, provision, and scale your favorite databases on AWS and Azure in minutes with a few simple clicks. It's that easy with G5 - RDX's new fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform. With RDX G5, you get more than a powerful, high-speed service delivery platform. You get the expertise, services, and scale you need to get ahead and stay ahead. Our fully managed DBaaS combines cloud orchestration and automation with turnkey DBA services to reduce operating costs, speed time-to-market, and simplify your journey to the cloud.

RDX’s G5 platform delivers a secure, performance-rich, multi-cloud experience with high availability and on-demand scale. With G5, you bring your cloud (BYOC) and your licenses (BYOL) while we bring a fully managed service to migrate, manage, and optimize your DBaaS deployments. RDX provides fully managed DBaaS for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL on both public and private clouds, including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Why Partner with RDX for DBaaS?

A powerful, multi-cloud DBaaS platform + the people you need to power it. Let’s move at the speed of business, together.



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G5 Database-as-a-Service Features

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Cloud Automation

On-demand provisioning on the major clouds. Seamless, zero-downtime scaling and high availability via auto-failover on producation-ready plans.

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Advanced Security

Enable an additional layer of security with SSL-based access, and encrypt your data and backups “at-rest.”

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Instant Provisioning

RDX’s G5 DBaaS can provision on database instantly anywhere in the world, anytime.

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Backup & Recovery

Scheduled and on-demand backups or snapshots with various restoration options through the RDX G5 portal.

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Pay For What You Use

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Fully Managed DBaaS for Today’s Leading Databases

Deploy your favorite databases in minutes on today’s leading cloud platforms.

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Hosted on Popular Cloud Providers

Deploy your favorite databases in minutes on today’s leading cloud platforms.


Proud partners with today’s leading cloud and marketplace companies.

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“ The Challenge of managing both cloud infrastructure and databases is a new one for most enterprises — automated platforms like G5 can greatly diminish the time, effort and learnin curve required to master these domains, so organizations can realize the efficiency and agility benefits of the cloud without making tradeoffs.”

- William Fellows, Founder and Research Director of the 451 Group
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