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RDX Customer Testimonials


RDX helps over 500 customers across all verticals reduce costs and optimize operations with our remote data infrastructure solutions.   See what customers are saying about our team and how they maximize their relationships with RDX.



Off Hours

 “Throughout the years as a client, RDX provided us with an unsurpassed level of support.  Special thanks to RDX personnel assigned to our account. I know we can rely on our primary and secondary DBAs, these guys got our backs. They are extremely professional, quick-to-respond and have a possessed wealth of knowledge in corresponsive areas. I believe all your staff is best of breed providing the highest level of support. Keep up the good work!”

- System Administrator

Supplemental DBa

“We had been looking for a seasoned and experienced DBA throughout the history of our company since 1998. We’ve been through a few and the problems that have come up were many from lack of experience to not enough work for the resource as well as reliability issues. RDX was found through a simple search of “outsource database experts” and the information received during my inquiry was compelling. The first task was to replace our production database from a cluster to a mirror using SQL 2012.

Their implementation post hardware setup was flawless and their service has been exemplary with any new or existing project and/or task. It’s not just the technical aspect but their customer focused attitude that keeps us with RDX. Our Client Liaison is sensitive to our needs and there has actually never been any issues with RDX in regards to service.  The biggest benefit is peace of mind that our eCommerce is running flawless because of our partner, RDX, as well as our staff who mesh with RDX as though they are part of the family.  Thanks to our primary DBA as well and thanks to everyone at RDX for being a diligent sentinel and for being an astute and creative partner!”  

- IT Manager


“The usage of RDX services has become an integral part of our SaaS backend strategy. Not only do we get the SQL enterprise level support needed for real time monitoring and troubleshooting, we also enhanced efficiency in our day to day SQL related operations and during Maintenance Windows. All with a fifth of the cost compared to building our own team of DBAs.”

- IT Director


“Thank you for resolving this problem and reporting the details so thoroughly – we’ve seen this sort of thing happen before, but it was great that you guys were on top of it and resolved it without any intervention from our folks.  This kind of responsiveness really drives home the value that RDX brings to our database environment!”

- IT Manager




Off Hours

“When we launched our financial accounting system, we took on the responsibility of managing its Microsoft SQL Server backend in spite of the fact that we had no in-house SQL expertise.  Given that the financial system is mission critical, it was essential that we find a way to support the platform, but without – ideally – adding another full time hire. The idea of outsourcing responsibility for this task made real sense.  We reached out to our peer group for recommendations and selected RDX based on those recommendations.

Their ability to deliver met or exceeded capabilities of other competitors and pricing was superior. We’ve been customers of RDX for over 3 years and have been completely satisfied with their diligence and initiative. Their specialists regularly monitor our backend, advise us on steps to be taken, schedule regular updates, and let us know well in advance that we might exhaust our fund of cheaper hours before the end of the month in case we want to postpone some aspect of support into the next month.  We’d be happy to recommend RDX to anyone.”

- Vice President of IT




Full DBa

“We’ve benefited from our relationship with RDX in a number of ways: first, the bundled monthly hours have been of ongoing use to us in attending to day-to-day issues of configuration, administration, and performance tuning, areas in which we have no in house expertise. Second, RDX monitoring services have alerted us to situations which would have interrupted operations for extended periods if not taken care of immediately.  There is one situation in particular in which RDX provided us with exceptional service. One of our production servers hosting one SQL Server went down hard due to a failure in a disk array. Incremental backups were not available due to a configuration error on our end, and there was a 17 hour gap since the last full backup. Our business is highly seasonal and this failure occurred during the busiest week of the year.

RDX monitoring alerted me to the failure, which occurred over a weekend. We migrated to new server and storage hardware over the weekend and engaged with RDX on Monday morning to start restoring the database. Due to an all-too-common series of problems and missteps on our end, the process of recovery began to stretch into our evening (we are on the West coast). Although our DBA at RDX could have handed the case over to the next shift, he elected to continue to work with us until we were back on line and in production. We were able to restore production at about 9:30 PT the next day. Our RDX DBA had worked for 24 hours straight to get us back up and running. Since we do not run production over the weekend this outage only cost us a bit over one day of peak production, due in large part to RDX’s involvement. Similar outages in the past had interrupted production for more than a week at a cost upwards of $100,000. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with and committed to RDX.”

- IT Manager




Full DBa

“We initially started working with RDX to help augment our on staff DBA after some turnover. While looking at options in the industry RDX frequently came up as a positive experience for others. Since signing on with RDX several years ago they have become a close extension of our team and their staff have developed a good working relationship with our internal team. They have helped take some of the load and stress off of our staff by assisting with monitoring, issue resolution, and project implementations across our database environment. Definitely recommended!”

- IT Manager


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