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Additional RDX Services

In order to succeed in today’s data-driven economy, organizations need to have computing environments that are high performance, highly available and tailored to meet their unique business needs.. As a technology partner, RDX wants to make sure that all clients are able to fully leverage all of their IT systems to drive their businesses forward.

In addition to 24x7, 100% onshore remote DBA support, RDX offers a wide range of additional data infrastructure services in order to improve its clients computing environments and maximize their investments in information technology.


Business Intelligence Services

RDX provides a complete set of administrative services that supports the entire Microsoft business intelligence life cycle. Microsoft’s SQL Server BI product suite includes Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS), and Reporting Services (SSRS) that work in combination to help turn raw data into meaningful information by minimizing the manual and repetitive work needed to gather, analyze, and report on key business information. 

Microsoft Power BI provides a set of tools that covers the entire analytics life-cycle – from connecting to dozens of different data sources, performing data preparation, building robust visualizations and facilitating both traditional and ADHOC analysis from desktops and mobile devices. Power BI connects to a wide range of on-premises and cloud based data stores and is able to access both SSAS tabular and cube data.

RDX provides a comprehensive set of services that supports the entire Microsoft Business Intelligence development process. RDX works with each customer to tailor a support solution that ensures the client is fully benefiting from their Microsoft BI investment.  Our BI specialists will help you select the most appropriate Microsoft product that meets both your budget and your BI business needs.   Once a product is selected, RDX is with you every step of the way, from initial system design to ongoing support and daily monitoring.  Our dedicated team of analysts works with technicians, business users and managers to create a complete BI solution that allows your organization to turn raw data into actionable insight.

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Full DBa

Oracle EBS Functional Services

Oracle EBS experts manage 100s of environments daily and have extensive EBS infrastructure, functional, and development experience. While paying strict adherence to technical, functional, and industry best practices, RDX’s experts assist customers to tailor their EBS systems to meet their unique business processing requirements and implement best practices to fully leverage their EBS product investments. RDX’s EBS Team routinely performs conversions, migrations, upgrades, family packs, and patches along with custom PL/SQL interfaces, forms, and reports development.  RDX’s goal is provide an EBS application environment that is cost-effective, customized to your exact needs, and provides the functionality, performance, and availability your business requires.

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Windows and Unix/Linux Support Services

Windows OS and Unix/Linux Services

RDX has extensive experience providing remote operating system support for Windows and all major variants of UNIX/LINUX. We assume total ownership of the security, performance, availability, and improvement of customers’ OS environments. Additionally, our customers are able to leverage the same remote DBA support architecture to reduce their OS support costs and optimize operations.. From initial architecture design, to mature system maintenance, tuning and monitoring, RDX will customize an OS support solution to meet each customer’s needs.

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Microsoft SharePoint Services

Microsoft SharePoint Services

Our SharePoint Team has extensive experience performing dozens of installations, conversions, migrations, upgrades and patches. Once your system is up and running, RDX tailors a SLA backed monitoring and support package for all components in SharePoint's technology stack. RDX’s flexible SharePoint administration packages allow you to choose just the level of service you need – from supplemental assistance to a total support solution. Our SSAE16 certified services are backed by a PCI DSS QSA certified monitoring and support architecture that has been constantly improved over 20 years.

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Microsoft Exchange Support Services

Microsoft Exchange Services

When your mail system is out, RDX understands you're also out of business. RDX dedicates an entire team of experts to Microsoft's Exchange product. RDX's Exchange support teams are able to design, implement and support all of the product's highly available architectures and advanced features. Our database operations center (DOC) provides you with peace-of-mind knowing your environment is monitored 24/7 by a team of specialists dedicated to ensuring your mail systems are highly available and high performance.

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MongoDB Support Services

MongoDB NoSQL Database Services

RDX offers a robust set of MongoDB support services. For customers that are new to MongoDB, our experts will guide you through each step of the application design and implementation process. From MongoDB's schemaless data architecture to Sharding and ReplicaSets, RDX will act as your trusted mentor and advisor. We are able to convert data from existing data stores to MongoDB or help your team design and deploy entirely new applications. After implementation, a robust, PCI DSS monitoring and support architecture guarantees that our experts are there when you need them, your systems are secure, and your databases are benefitting from leading-edge support technologies.

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MySQL and PostgreSQL Support Services

MySQL and PostgreSQL Database Services

From day-to-day operations to strategic decision making, RDX’s MySQL and PostgreSQL support solutions arm customers with the skill-sets and best practices required to maximize the efficiency of their open source DB environments.   RDX's MySQL and PostgreSQL customers can expect high quality support and a dedicated team of DBAs with a vast knowledge of both open source products' advanced database features.  Customers are able to leverage the knowledge and expertise of an entire team of DBAs dedicated to keeping their open source systems running efficiently and highly available -  24x7.

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Cloud DBMS Support Services

Cloud IaaS and DBaaS Support Services

RDX also provides a complete set of services for Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) and Database Platform as a Service (DBaaS) cloud architectures.   IaaS can be easily defined as a server in the cloud.  IaaS vendors provide customers with compute and storage infrastructure components and may offer some level of system maintenance activities. Customers have direct access to the server and storage, much like on-premises systems, but are able to leverage the cloud's lower environmental costs and higher levels of scalability, flexibility and system elasticity. The customer continues to maintain ownership of their software stack's administration, including the operating system and database. Because of our large customer base and number of servers supported, our professionals have a wealth of experience in most popular IaaS architectures.  Each offering has its own unique set of benefits and challenges as well as provisioning, administration and monitoring differences.

DBaaS is not a product; it is an architecture.   An architecture that requires changes in administrative and monitoring support activities, policies and procedures, application design, change management, security/auditing and in-house support toolsets.  Companies moving to the cloud need a partner that has DBaaS experience to act as a trusted advisor as well as a data infrastructure services provider. Our dedicated teams of Amazon RDS, Microsoft SQL Azure and Oracle Cloud DB support specialists are with you every step of the way.  From initial system design and implementation to mature environment administration and monitoring, you can rely on RDX's expertise to ensure your cloud deployments are high-quality and fully leverage all of the inherent features each vendor offering provides.

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Server Monitoring Services

Non-Database Server Monitoring Services

RDX also monitors 100s of non-database servers. Customers can custom tailor a monitoring solution for all systems in their enterprise and take advantage of SolarWinds' industry-leading architecture and RDX's fully customizable alert identification, notification and problem resolution processes. With non-DB server monitoring from RDX, all customers can tailor a monitoring package that meets their unique support requirements.

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DB2 Support Services

DB2 LUW and Mainframe Services

In addition to LUW support for non-mainframe databases, RDX provides DB2 mainframe support to provide customers with a complete DB2 monitoring and administration service offering. With RDX's DB2 support, customers can take advantage of totally customizable support packages, 24x7 support, dedicated DBAs and advanced feature subject matter experts.   RDX has provided DB2 support for 20 years, and our DB2 database experts have extensive experience in all DB2 features including high availability, data warehousing, partitioning, parallelism, and advanced security.   RDX's DB2 support services ensure that customers’ DB2 mainframe and non-mainframe database environments are secure, high performance and highly available.

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GoldenGate Support Services

Oracle GoldenGate Replication Services

GoldenGate is a high-performance software application for real-time transactional change data capture, transformation, and delivery, offering log-based bidirectional data replication. The application enables you to ensure that your critical systems are operational 24/7, and the data is distributed across the enterprise to optimize decision making. RDX ‘s GoldenGate Replication support services allow customers to fully leverage the benefits of one of the industry’s leading heterogeneous replication architectures. RDX Subject Matter Experts work with customers to design the overall replication strategies and install and tailor GoldenGate’s data replication services to meet each customer’s unique replication needs.


RDX has helped hundreds of customers reduce costs and optimize their data infrastructure operations. As organizations continue to become more dependent on their critical data stores to make educated business decisions, RDX wants to ensure that all customers are taking advantage of our additional services to help them further optimize their computing environment.  From business intelligence, cloud, open source and NoSQL support to Oracle EBS, SharePoint and Exchange services, RDX has a variety of additional data infrastructure offerings to help all customers gain the knowledge they need to drive their businesses forward and maintain competitive advantage. .

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