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RDX's Cloud DBMS Offerings

RDX was one of the first remote data infrastructure services providers to fully embrace cloud offerings and provides a full suite of cloud migration, management and monitoring services.   Our cloud experts are backed by a service delivery architecture that has been purposely redesigned to support cloud systems. 

Trust your cloud systems to the world’s largest and most mature provider of remote data infrastructure services providers – RDX.

Cloud database

Reduce Risk with RDX’s Dedicated Cloud Experts

RDX dedicates a team of experts that specialize in cloud architectures.  The Cloud Solution Architecture Team’s goal is to provide the advice and administrative support activities required to assist customers throughout their entire cloud journey.  As a result of our early adoption of the cloud, our Cloud Solution Architecture Team has migrated dozens of on-premises systems to cloud environments and has years of experience supporting  a wide array of vendors, platforms, products and features.

Remote Database Administration

Flexible, Quickly Scalable Cloud Support Services

RDX’s Cloud Solution Architecture Team supports a wide variety of IaaS and DBaaS environments, providing customers with the flexibility to quickly leverage new cloud architectures, platforms, products and features.  In addition to support for all IaaS platforms, RDX provides support for Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle's DBaaS offerings.  Clients can contact RDX to discuss Statements of Work, increase hours or add additional products to their contract.  Contract changes and new product integrations begin immediately upon notification.

DBaaS Services

Support for Your Entire Cloud Ecosystem 

In addition to cloud vendor system design and support certifications, RDX’s Cloud Solution Architecture Team has a wide range of cloud skill sets and experience that clients can utilize to build their entire cloud ecosystem.  RDX is able to assist customers to design, deploy, manage and monitor architectures on Amazon and Microsoft cloud platforms.

Cloud services

Certified High Quality, Highly Secure Services

RDX’s cloud support teams are backed by a service delivery architecture that has been continuously improved and enhanced over our 20+- year history.  RDX maintains AICPA SOC2 Type 2 service delivery quality and PCI DSS security certifications.  Rest easy knowing your systems are safe with RDX.

Cloud migration services

Ensure High Quality Migrations

Migrating databases to the cloud doesn't have to be a challenge. RDX has extensive experience in cloud migrations and offers best practices and guiding principles designed to achieve successful cloud implementations.  RDX's dedicated Cloud Solution Architecture Team guides you through the entire cloud migration life-cycle - from initial migration analysis to production cutovers and on-going support. RDX’s cloud migration services help clients simplify on-premises to cloud migrations and seamlessly integrate cloud environments into their overall IT support architecture.

Remote database services

Flexible Cloud Services You Need – When You Need Them

RDX is able to augment your internal teams to provide that additional deep-dive cloud expertise you need or assume full ownership of your cloud environments.  RDX’s flexible services help you realize your cloud DBMS strategy and fully leverage all of the benefits that cloud DB Systems offer.

Cloud Cost Control

Fully Maximize Your Cloud Investment

RDX's cloud DBMS support professionals provide a robust set of cloud services that range from basic support to advanced feature implementation.  Services include object change management, SQL and procedural language tuning, problem analysis and correction, security, backup/recovery, application development support, HA and DR configurations and advanced feature analysis and implementation.

Cloud database support

Easily Overcome Cloud Challenges

RDX’s cloud support services assist shops to easily overcome some of the more challenging cloud activities such as provisioning and monthly cost estimation, large data transfers, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud/on-premises data synchronization, DBaaS/on-premises DB feature mismatch analysis, cloud vendor lock-in, security/auditing and monitoring visibility into cloud systems.

Cloud Monitoring Services

Customizable Cloud Monitoring Services

During integration, RDX customers are able to tailor a monitoring identification, resolution, notification and escalation process per cloud system supported.  Unique resolution processes can be created based on cloud platform, instance, database, job, time of day and return code generated.

Remote cloud database support

Cloud Monitoring Made Easy

Monitoring metrics provided by cloud vendors vary greatly. RDX's monitoring specialists thoroughly evaluate the vendor's monitoring instrumentation to design and implement a monitoring strategy that meets each customer's unique needs. RDX has customized SolarWinds, an industry-leading monitoring architecture, to monitor most cloud architectures. SolarWinds provides a comprehensive monitoring solution for alerting, reporting and incident management.

cloud support services

Gain Visibility Across All Cloud Platforms

RDX's monitoring architecture has been customized to provide complete visibility into IaaS, DBaaS, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Each cloud environment requires a unique monitoring implementation to ensure that critical cloud applications are highly available and high performance.

Cloud cost monitoring

Cloud Cost Reduction

One of the top monitoring priorities for all cloud systems is overall resource utilization. Customers are renting their environments from the cloud vendor and those rental fees are based on resource consumption. In addition to monitoring system availability, performance and workload executions, RDX will also monitor cloud resource utilization for cost evaluations.   RDX administrators and monitoring specialists work together to provide ongoing cost reduction recommendations.

Cloud Monitoring and Administration

Around-the-Clock Monitoring Support

RDX's monitoring service comes complete with a 100% onshore operations center that is staffed 24/7 with personnel whose sole focus is monitoring your critical cloud systems and taking proactive actions to mitigate and/or prevent problems to ensure the highest availability and performance possible.

Remote cloud support

About Remote DBA Experts (RDX)

Since our inception in 1994, our remote DBA services have helped hundreds of companies improve the quality of their database environments while reducing the costs associated with on-site database management. As the #1 provider and pioneer of remote DBA services, we help organizations drive real competitive advantage from their computing environments by providing the expertise, services and scale they need to maximize the business value of their mission-critical technologies.  

DBMS Application Needs Analysis

RDX works with the customer to determine if the application's requirements for security, availability, performance and DB features can be achieved using a cloud based database system. 

Cloud DBMS Vendor Evaluations

The market arena has exploded with dozens of vendor offerings that range the spectrum – from niche solution providers to super-sized competitors that include Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. RDX helps the customer to design and perform a well thought out, detailed analysis of the competing offerings.

Migration Analysis

RDX's migration team will create database migration cost estimates and assist customers in the development of migration project plans with action items, timelines and milestones.

Test Plan Creation and Execution

The creation of thorough test plans prevents unwanted surprises from occurring during production migrations. RDX works with customers on the creation of test plans that include establishing performance benchmarks on existing environments and cloud systems, and the testing of overall application functionality.

Production Implementations

Detailed production migration plans and turnover checklists result in less error prone and less stressful production migrations. RDX partners with the customer to design and execute robust migration test plans and turnover checklists.

Cloud DBMS Monitoring

Monitoring tools provided by cloud DBMS vendors vary greatly in features and functionality. RDX's monitoring specialists thoroughly evaluate the selected vendor's monitoring architecture and design and implement a monitoring strategy that meets each customer's unique needs. RDX is also able to utilize SolarWinds to monitor most cloud DBMS architectures. SolarWinds provides comprehensive application and server monitoring for alerting, reporting and management.

24/7 Database Operations Center

RDX dedicates an entire team of professionals that are responsible for creating, implementing and enhancing a strategic blueprint for the proactive monitoring and trouble-shooting of cloud based database applications. Since the proactive support blueprint is already in place, companies employing RDX to support their cloud databases do not have to spend the additional monies required to create a proactive support environment.

Cloud DBMS Administration

RDX is able to provide the same robust set of administration services for cloud database systems as we do for on-premises implementations. RDX's cloud DBMS support professionals provide a full suite of DBA services that include object change management, SQL and database tuning, problem analysis and correction, security, backup/recovery, application development support and advanced feature analysis and implementation.

Supported Cloud Platforms

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