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Monitoring Architecture

RDX offers a wide array of standard monitoring agents that allows our dedicated specialists to monitor every component of the application architecture.  Read this document to learn more about RDX's robust monitoring offering and how our SolarWinds-powered architecture keeps clients' environments highly available 24x7.

We provide customers with peace of mind knowing that their environments are supported by expert professionals utilizing industry-leading SSAE 16 SOC II best practices. Our staff is backed by a monitoring and support infrastructure that has been continuously improved and enhanced over its 20 year history.

RDX’s monitoring services help customers proactively predict, analyze and prevent database availability and performance problems. A dedicated team of personnel is responsible for creating, implementing and enhancing a strategic blueprint for the proactive monitoring and troubleshooting methods required to prevent database problems before they occur.

 RDX Database Monitoring Support
RDX'S SolarWinds Monitoring Architecture

SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor (SAM) delivers comprehensive application and server monitoring software for alerting, reporting, and management. SolarWinds provides full visibility into the database application stack and delivers contextual awareness of performance issues across application, server hardware and storage infrastructure.

SolarWinds provides RDX monitoring specialists with the ability to quickly identify and troubleshoot application issues that can occur from any of the layers. Many organizations cannot incur the infrastructure and labor costs required to install, maintain and administer the alerting systems used to ensure quick reaction and resolution times.

 Remote Database Monitoring
SolarWinds Monitoring Features

SolarWinds offers a robust feature set that enables RDX to gain visibility into all key database and operating system availability and performance metrics.  Key benefits include:

  • Speeds troubleshooting and increases service levels

  • Allows RDX to quickly identify the source of issues with one consolidated view of the database and server

  • Real-Time Process Explorer, Service Control Manager, Real-Time Event Log Viewer, and Windows® Scheduled Tasks allows RDX to remotely monitor rogue processes and troubleshoot performance issues

  • Fast installation times

  • Reduced installation complexity

  • Threshold changes and monitoring check enhancements can be rolled out immediately without touching targets

  • Agent or agentless monitoring

  • Robust customer portals let you "see what we see"

  • Time-saving and alert-reducing features include calculation of thresholds from baseline data and configuring alerts to recognize application and server dependencies

  • Web-based reporting allows RDX to generate, customize, and share performance, availability, and inventory reports

Remote Database Monitoring Support

 RDX Database Monitoring Support
RDX Monitoring Services

SolarWinds’ wide array of standard and custom monitoring features allows our expert technicians to monitor every component of the application architecture including databases, middle tier servers and other hardware devices.

RDX DOC professionals start at a high level screen that shows the status of key systems and devices, with indicators that highlight database availability, performance, disk/CPU/memory utilization, response time, etc. Historical information is transferred to a database repository for historical reporting and trend analysis.

From monitoring a database buffer cache hit ratio to a third-party application error log, the RDX DOC team is able to quickly deploy a customized monitoring solution that meets each individual customer’s monitoring requirements.

 Remote Database Monitoring
PCI-DSS Secure Monitoring Architecture

RDX's highest priority is to safeguard sensitive customer information. We understand that our customers have “turned over the keys” to their sensitive data stores to our organization. This is not a responsibility that we take lightly.

Our network infrastructure has been hardened according to PCI-DSS standards to safeguard against external intrusions. Hardware and software components including advanced firewall implementations, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and industry leading Software Security Packages are used in conjunction to create a secure network environment.

Protecting against unauthorized data access is an ongoing process. RDX is acutely aware that individuals desiring to exploit data stored in computer systems for personal means are constantly changing and improving their data access strategies. The fluid nature of external and internal attacks requires RDX to continuously analyze, review and enhance its security infrastructure blueprint. We consider this responsibility to be our number one priority.

About RDX

Remote DBA Experts (RDX) is the leading provider of remote database and operating system administration and monitoring Services. Since its inception in 1994, RDX has provided 100% US-based, 24X7 support for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, RDB and MySQL databases as well as operating system support for all major UNIX and LINUX offerings.

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