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RDX's Unix/Linux Services

Operating systems are the lifeblood of every organization. They are the software foundation that runs both critical database systems and third-party applications. Your organization’s operating systems must be secure, highly available, and optimized. Poorly performing operating systems can affect your business’ mission-critical applications resulting in key systems being unavailable, reduced employee productivity, customer dissatisfaction and loss of revenue.

RDX offers 24x7, 100% onshore operating system (OS) support for Unix/Linux environments. With RDX’s support, customers are able to leverage the collective knowledge and experience of an entire team of Unix/ Linux support experts who can ensure that their environments are secure and high performance at all times. In addition, those customers who use RDX’s remote database administration support are able to leverage RDX’s Unix/Linux support architecture and pay a single bill for both database and OS support services.

RDX will custom tailor a Unix/Linux support package that meets each customer’s unique support requirements, so that they are only paying for the services they need when they need them.

 Remote Linux and Unix Support
RDX'S Unix/Linux Support

RDX is highly skilled in supporting all major Unix/ Linux platforms. RDX’s Unix/Linux support specialists have dozens of years of experience in all key server support disciplines including system administration, server availability, disaster recovery, monitoring, system security and auditing. They also manage and support over one thousand servers and perform hundreds of system recoveries.

With RDX’s Unix/Linux support, customers are also able to leverage the collective knowledge and experience of an entire expert support team for less than the cost of hiring an in-house resource. Let RDX’s Unix/Linux support team help your organization with:

  • Hardware Reviews and Recommendations

  • Installations and Upgrades

  • Migrations

  • Patching

  • Connections to Networks and SAN Infrastructure

  • Monitoring

  • Tuning and Performance

  • Backup and Recovery

  • Server Consolidation Recommendations

  • Hardware Architecture Design

  • Advanced Server Assessments

  • Problem Identification and Resolution


RDX’s Unix/Linux support team has expertise in systems running database and non-database applications and specializes in cloud and VM-based operating system implementations. Additionally, RDX dedicates personnel to become experts in each distribution’s unique monitoring and administration requirements to ensure that customers receive the best support possible. With RDX’s Unix/Linux support, customers can take advantage of a support architecture that has been continuously refined over RDX’s 20 year history.

 Remote Linux Monitoring
24X7 Database Operations Center

All clients benefit from RDX’s state-of-the-art, 24x7 Database Operations Center (DOC) consisting of specialists who are well-versed in RDX’s advanced monitoring architecture. These professionals are trained in database and OS administration, monitoring, problem prevention and quick problem resolution. RDX Database Operations Center specialists are able to collect and trend all key Unix/Linux, in-house, and third-party application availability and performance indicators to ensure that your organization’s monitored components are available at all times and performing properly.


With RDX’s UNIX/LINUX support services, clients can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the largest onshore OS and DBA provider with the service quality of an SSAE 16 and PCI DSS compliant security architecture. From initial design, to maintenance tuning and monitoring, RDX will customize and Unix/Linux support solution to meet each customer’s unique needs and will give clients the peace of mind knowing that their OS environments are available, secure and performing efficiently.


About RDX

Since its inception in 1994, RDX has helped hundreds of organizations lower database administration support costs while increasing performance and availability. RDX provides 100% US-based, 24x7 support for Oracle, Oracle EBS, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and DB2 databases as well as operating system support for all major Windows, Unix, and Linux offerings. RDX’s highest priority is to safeguard its customers’ sensitive data stores, and its expert staff of highly-trained professionals is backed by a monitoring and support infrastructure that has been continuously improved and enhanced throughout its 20 year history.

Please see RDX Windows OS Services White Paper for more information about RDX’s Windows, SharePoint and Exchange support.

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