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Working With RDX

RDX understands that selecting a remote data infrastructure services provider is a mission-critical business decision for any organization. Learn how RDX's customer integration and ongoing monitoring and administration service delivery models are architected to provide your organization with the highest quality customer experience possible.

RDX Remote DBA Services

Understanding Your Needs and Presenting RDX's Service Offerings

As a strategic partner, we’re dedicated to helping you drive real competitive advantage from your IT investments. That's why we begin with an in-depth evaluation of your needs, objectives and environment to determine the right strategy for you and your business. Our business and technical experts work with you to understand your business requirements, service levels objectives and environment and tailor a service package that meets your needs and empowers your success. We listen carefully, ask the right questions and ensure the right technical expertise is made available to answer any questions and provide recommendations throughout the entire solutions building process.

Remote Database Administration

Customer Kickoff Meeting - Integrating You Into RDX

Led by your assigned Project Coordinator, RDX’s onboarding team is dedicated to quickly integrating your systems into our support architecture. The Project Coordinator begins the meeting by describing RDX's delivery teams, support architecture and standard operating procedures.  The Project Coordinator also educates your team on RDX's ServiceNow work request/incident management and SolarWinds monitoring products and the forms that must be completed and returned to RDX.  A standardized integration process allows RDX to quickly understand your shop's connectivity and security requirements, technical environment, support expectations, internal procedures and organizational structure.  The meeting concludes with the Project Coordinator clarifying your expectations, establishing integration timelines and scheduling follow up discussions.

Remote database support

Connectivity and Accounts - The Service Delivery Process Begins

Although RDX does have a recommended connectivity mechanism, we understand that your organization may have a preferred connection tool.  In addition, we are also aware that, like many shops, you may also have your own, unique set of security standards and account requirements.  Led by your Project Coordinator, RDX's security and network units work with your team to tailor connectivity, account privileges and authentication mechanisms that adhere to your shop's internal security controls and ensure that RDX is able to effectively monitor, administer and secure your environment.

Remote DBA Services

Monitoring Installation - Providing Your Team With Peace of Mind

Your Project Coordinator introduces you to your monitoring installation team and provides you with a portal that allows you to define incident identification, notification, escalation and resolution procedures.  For more detailed solutions, the installation team works with you to tailor incident procedures to your organization's unique needs. RDX's 24x7 Database Operations Center follows the documented procedures during incident investigations when they assume responsibility for monitoring your environment.  Your Project Coordinator also provides you with instructions on how to use RDX's monitoring portal that allows you to "see what we see" and RDX's mobile application which provides quick access to monitoring, work request and incident management information.

Remote database and OS services

Meeting Your Support Team - DBA Introductions and Knowledge Transfer

Your Project Coordinator will schedule a meeting to introduce you to your support team. Your primary and secondary administrators become responsible for supporting your environments and providing your organization with consistent, high-quality, support. Administrators are assigned based on the products you use and the features utilized.  Your assigned team learns your toolsets, overall support and change management strategies, best practices, day-to-day support requirements and what "makes your team lay awake nights."  The goal of this meeting is to discuss your immediate and long-term support requirements and transfer all additional knowledge required by your administrative teams to begin supporting your environment.

Remote database services

Leveraging Additional Expertise - Collective Knowledge and SMEs

Throughout the relationship, your support team may leverage the collective knowledge of other personnel and RDX's subject matter experts to provide additional value to your organization.  Although your primary support team will have deep expertise in the products and features your organization uses, there may be times when new products and advanced features need to be evaluated, installed and supported. Our experts are taught as a best practice to leverage the collective knowledge of hundreds of fellow on-site technicians when applicable.  This includes tuning, troubleshooting and implementation of new and/or advanced database architectures and features.

Full DBa

Your Monitoring Team– RDX’s Database Operations Center (DOC)

RDX’s Database Operations Center is responsible for ensuring that your systems are there when you need them and performance meets expectations.  The DOC team consists of dedicated professionals who are trained in database administration, monitoring, problem pattern identification, problem prevention and quick problem resolution. DOC specialists meet with you and your support teams in a constant effort to improve system performance and availability.  RDX’s DOC guarantees 15-minute response times (in your system working) for all critical issues identified by our monitoring platform.  If required, the DOC team works with your assigned primary support team and may request additional subject matter experts to become involved during complex incident investigations.


Customer Success Managers - Ensuring Your Satisfaction

Your organization is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager immediately upon contract signing.  Their goal is to quickly understand your initial expectations and goals and establish a long-range vision of the relationship.  From contracts and billing to service delivery, your Customer Success Manager works cross-departmentally with all RDX units to ensure that your overall relationship with our organization exceeds your expectations.  The CSM team also works with you to constantly align RDX services with your support needs.

Remote DBaaS Support

Contract Modifications - Aligning Our Services with Your Business Needs

RDX understands that your support needs can change quickly.  From increasing the number of support hours for your current environment to adding new products to your contract,  RDX makes it easy for you to align our services with your business needs.  Customers are able to enter tickets into RDX'S ServiceNow portal to request contract changes or contact their assigned Customer Success Manager for assistance.  Most support changes can take place immediately.

Remote cloud database support

RDX's Goal - To Provide You with the Highest Quality Customer Experience Possible

From your initial sales contact to a mature customer/service provider relationship, RDX has spent over 20 years enhancing our service delivery architecture to make it easy for you to do business with us.  Our goal is to allow you to focus on working with RDX to improve the security, availability, performance and overall quality of your environments, not identifying who  is responsible for what service, struggling to determine the status of your systems and work requests and the intricacies of vendor relationship management.

Remote cloud support

About Remote DBA Experts (RDX)

Since our inception in 1994, our remote DBA services have helped hundreds of companies improve the quality of their database environments while reducing the costs associated with on-site database management. As the #1 provider and pioneer of remote DBA services, we help organizations drive real competitive advantage from their computing environments by providing the expertise, services and scale they need to maximize the business value of their mission-critical technologies.  

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