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Amazon MySQL & MariaDB Experts at Your Service

Amazon offers fully managed database services for the three leading open source database platforms - MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL. Organizations that standardize on open source systems or have multi-product DB environments now have the option of deploying these databases on one of the industry's leading cloud DBaaS platforms. 


You've chosen Amazon RDS, one of the industry's leading cloud DBMS systems. Now it's time to choose RDX - the industry leader in cloud DB support.


Amazon RDS is built on the AWS architecture, allowing easy setup, push-button scalability and the ability to quickly design and implement HA and DR architectures.  Amazon also automates hardware provisioning, DB software installation, version upgrades, patches and backups which allows RDX to partner with you on building database-driven applications, not mundane back-end support tasks.


From strategy development to final conversion and ongoing support, RDX's team of Amazon RDS experts can help you throughout your entire cloud migration lifecycle.


How we help you succeed on RDS for MySQL & MariaDB

Amazon RDS support

Fully leverage Amazon RDS benefits

Get ready to exploit all of RDS's MySQL and MariaDB features with RDX's expert advice.

Amazon RDS Migration and Conversion

Cloud migrations and product conversions

RDX's RDS specialists lead you through the entire cloud migration/product conversion lifecycle.

Amazon RDS Monitoring

Improve visibility into RDS systems

RDX's 24/7 monitoring specialists ensure your MySQL and MariaDB applications are high performance and highly available.

Amazon RDS Administration

24/7 support from dedicated experts  

Rest easy knowing your MySQL and MariaDB systems are being administered by a team of RDS specialists.

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