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Trust Your AWS Databases to the Experts

RDX dedicates a team of certified experts to Amazon's Relational Database Service (RDS) product suite. We support all of Amazon's relational database products including commercial (Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server), open source (MariaDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL) and Amazon Aurora



You've already chosen Amazon, the leading provider of cloud services, now it's time to go with RDX - the industry leader in cloud DB support.



RDX's RDS specialists are experts in Amazon's robust migration and replication utilities that allow you to convert your on-premises DBs to your Amazon database of choice and keep them in sync with their on-premises counterparts until you are ready to "flip the switch." From strategy development to final conversion and ongoing support, RDX's Amazon RDS experts can help you throughout your entire cloud migration lifecycle.

How we help with Amazon RDS

RDX Cloud Services

Fully leverage Amazon RDS benefits

Get ready to exploit all of Amazon's RDS features with RDX's expert advice.

RDX Cloud Security

Ensure cloud database security

Leverage RDX's extensive cloud database security knowledge.

RDX IaaS Cloud Support

Need assistance in your cloud journey? 

RDX's dedicated Amazon RDS specialists act as your trusted cloud advisors.

RDX Cloud DBaaS Services

Monitoring and support

After migration, rest easy knowing your systems are in good hands with RDX.

Team Resume

Amazon AWS Resume

Learn More About RDX's AWS Expertise and Offerings

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RDX's Cloud DBMS Offerings

Speed and Simplify Your Journey to the Cloud With RDX's End-to-End Cloud Services

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