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RDX IaaS Support

IaaS vendors provide customers with compute and storage infrastructure components and may offer some level of system maintenance activities. The customer continues to maintain ownership of their software stack's administration, including the operating system and database. IaaS architectures are popular choices for the IT community as they allow organizations to maintain tighter administrative control over their environment.


RDX acts as your cloud strategist and trusted advisor. 


Because of the may different offerings available, you need to partner with a vendor that can act as both your cloud advisor as well as your data infrastructure services provider.  Because of our large customer base and number of servers supported, our professionals have a wealth of experience in most popular IaaS architectures.  Each offering has its own unique set of benefits and challenges as well as provisioning, administration and monitoring differences.


Azure IaaS

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is shifting from being a proprietary, on-premises software company to a cloud based services business. RDX's OS and DBMS support teams have years' of experience supporting all major database and operating system products on Microsoft's Azure IaaS environments.

Amazon IaaS

Amazon AWS EC2

Amazon is currently the industry leader in Cloud IaaS systems, far exceeding all other competitors in number of customers, data stored and workloads processed. RDX's database and OS teams have years of experience support most major database products and operating systems on Amazon EC2. Trust your cloud conversions and mature systems to the industry leader in remote data infrastructure services.

Oracle IaaS

Oracle OCI Cloud Platform

Although late to the cloud market arena, Oracle IaaS is rapidly catching its competitors in features and functionality. RDX's Oracle  Cloud  team has expertise in migrating, administering and monitoring Oracle's IaaS offerings including Bare Metal Cloud, Ravello (VMware) Cloud, Oracle Container (Docker) Cloud and Oracle Compute Cloud architectures.

Cloud database support

Other IaaS Providers

Organizations choosing IaaS as their cloud architecture have many different offerings to choose from that range from regional hosting companies to mega-providers like Google, Rackspace and IBM. RDX cloud specialists can assist you throughout your entire cloud journey - from vendor selection and migration to ongoing administration and monitoring.

Choosing the right IaaS provider and selecting the most "cloud friendly" databases for your initial conversions are critical steps in every cloud migration strategy.   RDX works with the customer to perform a thorough evaluation of the competing IaaS architectures to select the vendor offering that best meets the customer's needs.   The initial set of databases to converted are then selected as some are more easily migrated to the cloud than others.

DBMS Application Needs Analysis
RDX works with the customer to determine if the application's requirements for security, availability, performance and DB features can be achieved using a cloud based database system.

Cloud DBMS Vendor Evaluations
The market arena has exploded with dozens of vendor offerings that range the spectrum – from niche solution providers to super-sized competitors that include Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. RDX helps the customer to design and perform a well thought out, detailed analysis of the competing offerings.



Migrating databases to the cloud doesn't have to be a challenge. RDX has extensive experience in cloud migrations and offers best practices and guiding principles designed to achieve successful cloud implementations.

Migration Analysis
RDX's migration team will create database migration cost estimates and assist customers in the development of migration project plans with action items, timelines and milestones.

Test Plan Creation and Execution
The creation of thorough test plans prevents unwanted surprises from occurring during production migrations. RDX works with customers on the creation of test plans that include establishing performance benchmarks on existing environments and cloud systems, and the testing of overall application functionality.

Production Implementations
Detailed production migration plans and turnover checklists result in less error prone and less stressful production migrations. RDX partners with the customer to design and execute robust migration test plans and turnover checklists.

Once the migration is complete, RDX's support professionals provide the same high-quality monitoring, administration and problem resolution services for cloud databases as they do for on-premises environments.

Cloud DBMS Monitoring
Monitoring tools provided by cloud DBMS vendors vary greatly in features and functionality. RDX's monitoring specialists thoroughly evaluate the selected vendor's monitoring architecture and design and implement a monitoring strategy that meets each customer's unique needs. RDX is also able to utilize our enterprise monitoring platform to monitor most cloud DBMS architectures. RDX's enterprise monitoring platform provides comprehensive application and server monitoring for alerting, reporting and management.

Cloud DBMS Administration
RDX is able to provide the same robust set of administration services for cloud database systems as we do for on-premises implementations. RDX's cloud DBMS support professionals provide a full suite of DBA services that include object change management, SQL and database tuning, problem analysis and correction, security, backup/recovery, application development support and advanced feature analysis and implementation.

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