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Focus on Your Business, Not Your Backups

RDX’s full suite of data protection and backup services ensure your most vital information is secure and protected. What we offer isn’t just data backup: it’s complete business continuity. Our data protection team works with you to create a custom, comprehensive solution that meets 100% of your backup and recovery needs, regardless of the systems and processes currently in place – whether it is tape, disk or cloud. From helping you protect a single server to your entire enterprise, RDX provides the expertise, infrastructure, services and scale you need to guarantee business continuity. This means you can rest easy knowing your business will be back quickly and your data will be completely recovered when you need it most.


There is no one-fits-all backup and recovery solution. RDX helps you build the right backup solution for your business through our established, end-to-end delivery approach. Our data protection services are custom designed to meet your business, technical and budgetary requirements and ensure fast, easy and reliable data recovery. All solutions are backed 24x7 by SLAs tailored to your business and recovery needs, ensuring you meet critical RPO and RTOs.

Why Partner with RDX for Backup and Recovery?

Backup and Recovery Experts

Dedicated Backup Experts

Leverage an experienced team of backup and data protection experts to plan, test and execute your data protection strategy.

Cloud Backups

Multiple Delivery Models

Choose the cloud storage backup model that's right for your business, whether RDX Cloud, AWS, Azure or more.

Technology Agnostic

Technology Agnostic

Partner with a trusted solutions provider with expertise across all systems and processes you use – tape, disk or cloud.

Tailored BaaS DRaaS klas

Tailored Offsite Backup SLAs

Guaranteed recovery times (RPO, RTO) that are backed 24x7 with tailored SLAs based on your business needs.

Backup Disaster Recovery Regulations

Easily Comply with Regulations

RDX’s backup services provide the evidence-based management you need to prove that regulations are being met.

Backup DR Flexibility

Better Backup Flexibility

Quickly spin up and scale different application environments on demand to test and production, and only pay for what you use.

Backup Cost Control

Cost Control

RDX integrates storage and backups into a single solution, reducing expenses. Pay-as-you-go ensures you only spend what you need.

Faster Data Recovery

Faster Data Recovery

Meet critical recovery objectives with a best-in-class automatic backup solution that ensures easy, fast, and reliable data recovery.

Backup and Recovery Services

Backup and Recovery Services

Learn more about RDX's Data Protection and Backup services in our BaaS solution brief.

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