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Microsoft Power BI and SSIS, SSAS, SSRS

Let RDX help you leverage Microsoft's SQL Server BI product stack to turn raw data into revenue. RDX offers Microsoft SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and Power BI services to help you unlock the power of your data to delight customers, drive differentiation and make better, faster business decisions.

From strategic planning to production and beyond, our BI experts are with you every step of the way—managing your solutions, empowering your success and ensuring full maximization of your BI investment.

Microsoft Power BI Support

Microsoft Power BI Services

RDX can help make Power BI powerful for your business. Our BI expertise and offerings empower users to drive insight from the data sources that matter most.

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Microsoft SSIS, SSAS, SSRS


Turn raw data into revenue with RDX's end-to-end services for the entire Microsoft SQL Server BI stack including Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS), and Reporting Services (SSRS).

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How our BI services help you succeed:


Fully exploit the power of Microsoft's BI platform to receive the maximum benefit from your investment.

BI Expert

Access the BI expertise you need to enhance existing architectures as well as design and implement custom-tailored solutions.


Realize the true value of your operational data by turning it into strategic, decision-making information.


Quickly adapt to changing business demands by utilizing RDX’s flexible contracts to easily scale scope of services.

Power BI Services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • BI Assessments/Roadmaps
  • Planning and Design
  • Proof of Concept
  • Power BI Service Configuration
  • Power BI Gateway Installation
  • Power BI Dashboard Design
  • Data Source Design
  • Cube Design
  • MDX Development
  • SSIS ETL Integration
  • SSAS/SSRS Interfaces
  • Azure Analytical Services
  • Power Pivot/View/Map/Query
  • Data Access & Transformation
  • Data Modeling/Administration
  • Internal Content Pack Creation
  • SAS Content Pack Config
  • Power BI Report Creation
  • Mobile Optimized Reports
  • Report Publishing/Refreshing
  • Complex DAX Formulas/Queries
  • DAX Performance Optimization
  • Power BI Alerts
  • Security Administration

SSIS, SSAS, SSRS Services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • BI Assessments/Roadmaps
  • Planning and Design
  • Proof of Concept
  • BI Architecture Design
  • Existing Architecture Evaluation
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Data Warehouse/Data Marts
  • Data Modeling (OLTP/OLAP)
  • Kimball/Inmon Methodology
  • Data Modeling/Administration
  • ETL Design and Administration
  • MDX and OLAP Cube Design
  • BI Stack Installation
  • Feature Installation
  • New Project Development
  • TSQL, MDX, DAX Coding
  • SSIS Package Creation
  • SSAS Object Design
  • SSRS Report Creation/Tuning
  • 24/7 BI Environment Support
  • Monitoring/Problem Resolution
  • Restores/Refreshes
  • Change Management
  • Security Administration

Basic Administration Skills:

  • 7x24x365 Support of SQL Server BI Stack Environments (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS)
  • Backups of SQL Server BI Environments (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS)
  • Monitoring Strategies for Business Intelligence Environments
  • Emergency Recoveries of Data Warehouses, Data Marts, and SQL Server Business Intelligence Environments
  • Ensuring Recoverability of Data Warehouses, Data Marts and SQL Server Business Intelligence Environments
  • SQL Server BI Stack Installation, Configuration, Migration,Upgrades and Patches
  • Restores and Refreshes
  • Object Creation and Management
  • Change Management
  • Security Administration and Maintenance of SQL Server
  • Business Intelligence Environments
  • Effective and Efficient Critical Response
  • Regulatory Compliance Support
  • Health Checks/Assessments of Data Warehouses, Data Marts,SQL Server Business Intelligence Environments

High Availability Skills:

  • Scale Out Deployments
  • Report Server Database Mirroring
  • Multi-Instance SSIS Configuration
  • AlwaysOn Availability Groups
  • Design and Support Report Server Encryption Key, SSAS, SSIS and SSRS Configuration Backup Plans


  • Report Server User-Driven Filtering
  • Analysis Server Hierarchy and Dimension Security
  • SSIS Package level Encryption
  • Database User, OLAP Roles, SSIS Proxy, Report Server and Security Administration
  • SSRS Encryption Key Management

Development Support:

  • T-SQL, MDX, DAX Development and Tuning
  • ETL Strategy, Development, Optimization, Troubleshooting, Maintenance
  • Creation and Optimization of SSRS Reports
  • Creation and Optimization of SSIS Packages
  • Creation and Optimization of SSAS Cubes
  • Formal or Informal Code Reviews
  • Creation and Tuning of SSRS Reports
  • Creation and Tuning of SSIS Packages
  • Creation and Tuning of SSAS Cubes

Strategic Skills:

  • Data Warehouse and Data Mart Analysis, Design and Implementation (Complete Project Support)
  • Data Modeling (Kimball, Inmon, OLTP, OLAP, Data Marts/Warehouses)
  • Dashboard Design and Implementation
  • Requirements Gathering, Documentation, Milestone and Process Management
  • Partitioning Strategies Including Sliding Windows Partitioning
  • Create SSAS Cube Measure Group Partitioning
  • Align Table and/or Sliding Window Partitioning with SSAS
  • Cube Measure Group Partitioning
  • Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Architecture Consultation
  • Data Modeling for Forward or Reverse Engineering
  • Archival Strategies Including Implementation and Maintenance
  • SharePoint (SSRS Related)
  • Hardware Architecture for Data Warehouse Environments
  • Strategies for Heterogeneous Data Warehouse ETL Environments
  • Strategies for Automation Including Refresh Jobs Removing Sensitive Information
  • Design and Implement Analysis Services Multi-Dimensional Cubes and Tabular Models
  • Data Cleansing
  • OLTP and OLAP Server Consolidation Recommendations
  • Power BI
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