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Drive your Digital Transformation with Oracle OCI

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's (OCI) suite of products includes compute, storage, network, bare metal and container services. Oracle's IaaS offerings range from bare metal servers that allow you to install your software of choice to platforms that are customized for Oracle database implementations.


RDX goes beyond the “one size fits all” approach and works with your team to select an OCI environment and service package that is customized to your business needs and budgets.


Dedicated cloud specialists lead your organization through the entire OCI implementation lifecycle from needs analysis to production deployment. Once the migration is complete, RDX's support professionals provide the same high-quality monitoring, administration and problem resolution services for OCI databases and operating systems as they do for all environments.

How we help you succeed on Oracle OCI IaaS

RDX Oracle OCI Services

Leverage cloud benefits

Fully exploit the benefits of Oracle IaaS with the help of RDX's OCI experts.

RDX Oracle IaaS Services

Not sure where to start?

Specialists dedicated to IaaS lead you through the entire OCI implementation lifecycle.

Oracle OCI Support

Safeguard cloud data

Leverage RDX's security expertise, tools and processes to safeguard sensitive data stored in the cloud.

RDX Oracle IaaS Monitoring and Administration

Improve cloud visibility

Partner with RDX to design and deploy monitoring solutions that provide robust visibility into cloud systems.


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Team Resume

Oracle Cloud Team Resume

Learn more about our Oracle Cloud team's expertise and experience.

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