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Fully Leverage IaaS Architectures

Because of RDX's large customer base, our cloud specialists have experience supporting many different IaaS environments. Customers can leverage the collective knowledge of DBA teams that have years of experience supporting a wide range of IaaS architectures. From traditional, regional hosting providers to industry leaders like Rackspace, Google and IBM, RDX can help you fully leverage your investment in all cloud IaaS platforms.


IaaS architectures are popular choices for the IT community as they allow organizations to maintain tighter administrative control over their environment. DBaaS architectures, because of their differences when compared to on-premises and IaaS environments, often require changes to organizational roles and responsibilities, staff training, policies and procedures, application design, change management, security/auditing and in-house support toolsets.

How we help you with all IaaS offerings

RDX IaaS Services

Leverage cloud benefits

Fully exploit the benefits of all IaaS architectures with the help of RDX's cloud experts.

RDX IaaS Support

Safeguard cloud data

Leverage RDX's best practices to safeguard sensitive data stored in the cloud.


Not sure where to start?

Specialists dedicated to IaaS help you with vendor selection and migration.

RDX cloud services

Improve cloud visibility

Partner with RDX to design and deploy monitoring solutions that provide robust visibility into IaaS systems.

Cloud DB Services

RDX's Cloud DBMS Offerings

Speed and Simplify Your Journey to the Cloud With RDX's End-to-End Cloud Services

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Evaluating & Selecting a Cloud DBMS

RDX Insights Webinar: Evaluating and Selecting a Cloud DBMS Architecture

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