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Optimize Collaboration with RDX

RDX’s SharePoint services provide immediate access to a team of knowledgeable SharePoint support specialists at a cost less than an onsite consultant or full-time employee. From the start, we offer SharePoint design services that optimize your SharePoint experience across your enterprise. 


You can rest easy knowing your on-premises and cloud environments are being built and managed by experienced SharePoint administrators who support dozens of SharePoint servers daily. RDX’s flexible SharePoint administration packages allow you to choose just the level of service you need – from supplemental assistance to a total support solution.

How we help you succeed:


Maximize collaboration by gaining access to the SharePoint expertise you need, when you need it.


Rest easy knowing your systems are being built and managed 24x7 by experienced SharePoint experts.


Leverage RDX to improve existing SharePoint systems’ usability, functionality, performance and availability.


Use RDX's best-in-class, 24x7 SharePoint support center to keep your systems secure, high performance and highly available.

SharePoint Cloud

RDX provides a robust set of monitoring and administration services for SharePoint cloud systems.

SharePoint OS

Combine SharePoint and Windows OS support to leverage a 100% remote service solution.

Team Resume

SharePoint Team Resume

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