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Windows OS Administration Services

Operating systems are the lifeblood of every organization. They are the software foundation that runs both critical database systems and third-party applications. RDX's customizable Windows support solutions give clients the peace of mind knowing that their OS environments are being supported by the leading provider of remote DBA and data infrastructure managed services.  


In the Cloud or On-Premises
Gain Immediate Access to the Windows OS Skills You Need


RDX offers global 24x7 operating system support for Windows OS Server, SharePoint, and Exchange. With RDX’s support, customers are able to leverage the collective knowledge and experience of an entire team of OS support experts who can ensure that their environments are always available and performing as expected. RDX will custom tailor an OS support package that meets each customer’s unique support requirements so that they are only paying for the services they need when they need them.

Windows Cloud

Windows in the Cloud

Microsoft provides Windows Azure Virtual Machines as part of its cloud offering.  RDX's Windows Operating System experts are able to design, provision, administer and monitor Windows Azure operating systems.   Customers can expect the same superior level of support for Windows in the cloud as they do for their on-premises systems.

Windows On-Prem

Windows On-Premises

RDX has over 20 years of providing remote data infrastructure support services. RDX's Windows Team experts have dozens of years of experience in all key server support disciplines including system administration, monitoring, server availability, disaster recovery, system security, and auditing.


  • 24 x 7 x 365 Administration Support
  • Installation, Upgrades, Migrations and Configuration
  • Daily, Proactive Monitoring and Administration using RDX’s Monitoring Toolsets
  • Fast, Efficient Response to Server Events
  • Backup and Recovery Planning
  • Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning
  • Disaster Recovery Analysis and Testing
  • Space Management and Capacity Planning
  • Security Administration and Maintenance
  • Install Operating System Software
  • Operating System Software Version Upgrades
  • Operating System Patch Application
  • Server Space Management Administration for Availability and Performance
  • Program Object Analysis and Creation
  • Program Object Change Management
  • Server Data Utility Management
  • Server Connectivity Software Management
  • Vendor Provided Backup Toolset Installation and Management
  • Advanced Server Architecture Installation and Configuration
  • Advanced Server Architecture Administration
  • .Net Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Design Enterprise-Wide Server Backup Strategies
  • Design Individual Server Backup Plans
  • Support Customer and RDX-Provided Server Backup Processes
  • Server Backup and Recovery Process Performance and Efficiency Tuning
  • Server Backup and Recovery Process Validation
  • Recovery of Test and Production Servers
  • Disaster Recovery Test Participation
  • Design, Implement and Administer Clustered Architectures
  • Support Operating System Vendor and Third-Party Supplied Highly-Available Architectures
  • Initial Configuration of Operating System Parameters for Optimal Performance
  • Operating System Parameter Changes for Optimal Performance
  • Server Hardware Configuration Recommendations
  • Operating System User and Security Administration
  • Regulatory Compliance Activities
  • Install, Configure, Schedule and Distribute Server Auditing Reports
  • Hardware Architecture Design
  • Advanced Server Assessments
  • Standard Database Assessments
  • Third-Party Product Evaluations
  • Server Consolidation Recommendations
  • Education and Mentoring
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