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RDX's Customer Integration Process

With RDX, on-boarding is easy. Our streamlined customer integration process is activated as soon as you engage with RDX. In four easy steps, you will be fully integrated into RDX’s support infrastructure with minimal impact to your operations along the way.


Step 1: The Kickoff Meeting

Your Project Coordinator and Customer Success Manager are with you every step of the way, ensuring your integration into RDX is seamless and stress-free. The kickoff meeting will provide an overview of key players involved in the integration process, along with an introduction of RDX’s ticketing system and monitoring tool, and discuss the required paperwork to complete each subsequent step of the integration process. Expected completion dates will also be discussed for each milestone as well as your expectations and goals for our partnership.


Step 2: Return Required Documents

Next, your Project Coordinator will work with you to ensure all necessary documentation is reviewed, completed, and returned. RDX requires that all customers fill out standard operating procedures, or SOPs, regarding customer contact information, problem escalation notifications and connectivity requirements before proceeding to the next step.


Step 3: Establish Connectivity and Accounts

During the third step, RDX will establish connectivity to your environments and test accounts to ensure proper access for DBA support before work begins. RDX will also create user accounts for our ticketing system so that all work requests can be handled effectively and you gain access to RDX GO - our mobile app.


Step 4: The Knowledge Transfer Meeting

Lastly, you’ll meet your primary and secondary DBAs, specifically assigned to your account based off of your environment’s requirements. Although your primary and secondary DBAs will have already familiarized themselves with your infrastructure, you can use this time to discuss any questions and concerns you have as the integration process comes to a close.Your DBAs will then work with you to schedule regular status and strategy meetings to ensure exceptional customer service and support throughout your relationship.

Integration is complete, so what's next?

After the integration process is complete and you have full access to your DBAs, RDX will install and configure monitors on your environment, if applicable. If you opt for an assessment during contract signing, our assessment team will then perform the initial assessment and review the findings with your team.

Our thorough customer integration process ensures that your relationship with RDX is long-lasting and beneficial by allowing us to gain a full understanding of your environment and needs, and take the necessary steps to provide you with 24x7 coverage for your critical systems.

Our services are customized to meet your unique business needs, and your DBAs are committed to providing you peace of mind knowing that your environments are in the care of dedicated experts at all times.

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